Brenan Yeo

Pledis Entertainment refutes bullying allegations against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Pledis says that the accusations are “completely false and have no basis”

K-pop legends SHINee return with first album in three years, ‘Don’t Call Me’

The LP dropped alongside the music video for the title track

SISTAR in talks to reunite, says former member Dasom

"Our members keep talking about, 'should we just do the comeback?'"

Multi-national K-pop girl group TRI.BE debut with ‘Doom Doom Ta’

“Our goal is to win the Rookie of the Year award and come first place in music shows”

Rain on his upcoming boyband Ciipher: “I felt like I could bet it all on them”

"Whether the group has good results or not, I don’t think I’ll regret the things that I gave to this group"