Chris Wallace

BlizzCon is coming back, with more details expected “early next year”

April McKee has been appointed as the executive producer of BlizzCon

The PS3 hacker Elon Musk hired to “fix” Twitter has resigned

George "Geohot" Hotz is leaving after just four weeks at the troubled social media company

Some ‘Lost Ark’ skins are being redesigned to “better fit western norms”

The Artist class will have a new set of clothes when she releases in the western version of the game

‘The Callisto Protocol’ now lets you skip its gruesome death animations

A new update allows players to skip the game's death animations, and makes some general combat improvements

The Switch’s Joy-Con drift is likely due to a mechanical fault

New research from Which? suggests that a design flaw is to blame

Epic Games has been charged $520million by the FTC

Epic Games is accused of violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and other "dark practices"

EA’s ‘FIFA’ has accurately predicted four World Cup winners in a row

EA's predictions were startlingly close to reality, though not entirely accurate

Bloober Team and Private Division are teaming up for a new survival horror

“I am grateful for this cooperation with Private Division,” said Bloober Team's CEO

‘Starfield’ faction quests will work similarly to the guilds in ‘Skyrim’

"We really want to make sure that you can play through all the faction lines independently of each other"

Steam page hints at a free ‘Unreal Tournament 3’ re-release

The free game will apparently feature no microtransactions