Demi Williams

‘Diablo 2: Resurrected’ patch fixes character deletion problem

The patch is available now for all platforms

Blizzard developer responds to ‘Overwatch 2’ criticism

“Speculation and theory crafting is the result of an audience that cares deeply about the game we’re making.”

The Guildford Games Festival is returning this winter

This year's digital event will begin on December 3

Naoki Yoshida has teased the reason Zenos is a Reaper in ‘Endwalker’

"It might be that there is some reason why Zenos has gone down that path”

Designing the world of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – An interview with Naoki Yoshida

Ahead of the launch of Endwalker, the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV spoke about the creation of Garlemald, Old Sharlayan’s secrets, and the reason for Zenos's Job change.

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’ preview: a finale that will be a treat for fans

There’s only one month to wait until the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the expansion that will conclude the game’s first saga and...

‘Fortnite’ update seems to address controversy surrounding its Imposter map

The update now references InnerSloth's Among Us as inspiration

Capcom launches ‘Ace Attorney’ 20th anniversary website

The first game in the franchise launched 20 years ago today

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ on PC won’t support crossplay or cross-save

"We found we are unable to implement it this time"

Classic ‘Star Wars’ game bundles are coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The 'Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection' and 'Star Wars Racer and Commando Combo' launch later this year