Demi Williams

‘Halo Infinite”s open-world was scaled back before launch

343 wanted to manage the expectations of 'Halo Infinite''s open-world

‘Valorant’ developer pushes back on claims he’s ignoring ranked issues

EvrMoar has responded to the claims, saying, " isn’t my ‘job’ to downplay glaring issues"

‘Apex Legends’ wants cross-progress “sooner than later”

Respawn is also working on in-game gifting

Professional ‘Apex Legends’ player ImperialHal swatted while streaming

This is the third time ImperialHal has been swatted

‘Diablo Immortal’ player spends £80,000 and loses all access to PvP

The player apparently spent between “48 to 72 hours” queuing for a battlegrounds match

‘Terraria’ update 1.4.4 “extremely close” to being finished

The Labor of Love update will feature an evolved version of the Void Bag

The hardest ‘Elden Ring’ boss could have been much harder

Malenia's 1.0 build made her unstoppable... yeah, no thanks

Xbox partners with the National Trust to rebuild Corfe Castle in ‘Minecraft’

The collaboration will celebrate the launch of the game's The Wild Update

‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ wave 2 DLC includes one brand-new track

Wave two will feature eight courses, including the new Sky-High Sundae track