Demi Williams

‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ part two will have Cloud explore the world

"Our next challenge will be to create gameplay that leverages the vastness of the world"

‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ mod fixes character response glitch

Conrad Verner will now remember the choices you make

‘RimWorld’ latest update brings new content and Ideology expansion

Update 1.3 also brings a new style of breach raids for AI enemies

Two ‘Silent Hill’ games are reportedly in development

The partnership between the Silent Hill publisher and Bloober Team was announced yesterday

Nintendo hasn’t ruled out the idea of producing more Mini consoles

"We will continue to examine the possibility of offering classic content..."

‘The Elder Scrolls VI’ is in early stages of development, says Todd Howard

Howard also revealed who he originally pitched the 'Indiana Jones' game to

The next ‘Hearthstone’ expansion is set to be revealed this week

The next expansion looks to be Alliance-themed