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Noui: Indonesian artist takes apart past trauma with understated, nocturnal pop

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Nadin Amizah: Indonesian indie folk storyteller on pain, poetry and the “hopeful” return of music festivals

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Taman Bhagawan in Bali, Indonesia, 25-27 March: With a diverse line-up of artists raring to put on a show, the three-day extravaganza set a benchmark and a blueprint for Indonesian music festivals to come

Jinan Laetitia: Indonesian pop newcomer digging into life’s contradictions

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Fourtwnty frontman Ari Lesmana on his gun-toting acting debut in ‘Ben & Jody’: “I thought it would be light and easy, so I said...

The Indonesian indie folk singer joins the cast of the third ‘Filosofi Kopi’ movie just as the saga steers away from coffee and bromance and into action-packed territory