Gladys Yeo

Girls Generation’s Sooyoung reportedly in talks to join new romantic K-drama

She has been offered the role of a “fearless” policewoman

Watch Sunmi shoot up zombies in new MV teaser for ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’

“Who do you think you are? You can’t sit with us”

BTS’ Jimin says the group’s success has “stopped feeling real” to him

He also said that support from fans has "lit up my life"

Red Velvet unveil first teaser upcoming new mini-album ‘Queendom’

The mini-album will be released later this month

BtoB’s Minhyuk warns fans to “be careful” after being hospitalised for COVID-19

“I was basically out of my mind for about a week. My head hurt so much that it really felt like it would shatter."

Minzy speaks about her new single ‘Teamo’, how she has changed over her career and why she started her own label

“It was really difficult becoming an entrepreneur and starting a company on my own”

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Starring ‘Something In The Rain’’s Jung Hae-in

Jackson Wang on why he pushes himself: “I know I’m so far from the best”

“I’m still working my ass off to become the best”

BTS’ RM on the power of ‘Permission To Dance’: “It feels amazing to give into the song”

“I think this song was one of the few times that I felt like I was just having fun"