Georgina Young

‘Battlefield 2042’ might not utilise the Santa skin this holiday

"Whilst we have the skins, we presently have no plans to utilize all of them this Holiday."

Ludwig banned from YouTube after signing an exclusivity deal

"Apparently DMCA is going to be more of a concern than I had originally imagined."

Raven Software, an Activision Blizzard studio, lays off QA department

"It’s an embarrassment working for Activision, in my opinion."

Riot has “no current plans” to add Arcane’s Silco to ‘League Of Legends’

Play Silco in Teamfight Tactics but not League of Legends

‘Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’ update removes duping and menu storage

Completing the Snowpoint Gym puzzle is not a pleasant experience thanks.

‘Aftermath’ trailer reveals the psychological thriller

Crash to earth in this psychological horror game

‘Titanfall’ removed from sale effective immediately

Servers are still available for now