Jack Grimshaw

‘Stalker 2: Heart Of Chornobyl’ website blocked in Russia

The developer is currently moving its offices out of Ukraine

‘Eve Online’ subscription prices increase next month due to “global trends”

The first change to 'Eve Online' subscriptions since 2004

‘Borderlands 3’ finally adds cross-play support for PlayStation consoles

The title has supported cross-play for other platforms since its launch in 2019

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ tanks will show accurate dirt and damage

Soldiers will get division-accurate emblems and markings

‘Far Cry 3’ director and company veteran Patrick Plourde leaving Ubisoft

Plourde also worked on 'Watch Dogs 2' and 'Rainbow Six: Vegas'

‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ patch 2.18 marks the end of the game’s active updates

Sucker Punch will still monitor channels for major bugs

GSC Game World raises over £600,000 for Ukraine aid

The studio donated all income from a recent sale

Microsoft could introduce ads to its free-to-play games

Microsoft would not initially take a cut of ad revenue