Matt Doria

Evangeline Lilly reveals she attended Washington DC rally against COVID-19 vaccine mandate

“I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will,” Lilly wrote in a social media post

Hear Japanese Breakfast cover Yoko Ono’s ‘Nobody Sees Me Like You Do’

It comes as the latest preview of the forthcoming ‘Ocean Child’ tribute album

Robert Pattinson’s Batman is inspired by Kurt Cobain because of “his addiction to this drive for revenge”, says director

Filmmaker Matt Reeves also cited Nirvana's 'Something In The Way' as a source of inspiration for 'The Batman'

Dua Lipa says her third album “has its own unique sound” compared to ‘Future Nostalgia’

“In all honesty, it’s probably not what my fans want to hear – but I'm in no rush to release a new album”

Cardi B’s libel case against YouTuber has award boosted to over $4million

Jurors have now ruled that defendant Tasha K owes Cardi an additional $1.5million in punitive damages

Neil Young wants his music removed from Spotify “immediately”, citing “false information about vaccines”

Young took particular aim at Joe Rogan, who has been criticised by scientists and medical professionals for the anti-vax content of his podcast

ABBA settle lawsuit against “parasitic” tribute band

An attorney for the band said the offending group have agreed to stop using the ABBA name

Iconic Brazilian singer Elza Soares has died, aged 91

“I am part of the voice of the people of Brazil and it is the people who make me sing,” Soares said in a 2004 interview

Czech singer Hana Horka dies after intentionally catching COVID-19

It's reported Horka caught the virus in an effort to gain “a recovery pass to access certain venues”

Judge rules Britney Spears should have control over her money

It remains unresolved whether she’ll be forced to cover her father’s legal fees