Will Nelson

‘Clownfield 2042’ is an upcoming game that playfully pokes fun at ‘Battlefield’

“And bugs, per usual, plenty of bugs. We'll let you enjoy them as is; and instead of fixing them, we'll just release some new skins.”

‘Silent Hill’ creator says ‘Slitterhead’ will have “many new mechanics”

The game will feature creatures that can mimic humans

Naughty Dog and Insomniac devs talk accessibility in the games industry

“Challenge and accessibility can coexist in harmony with the right design choices”

‘Valheim’ mountain biome arriving in early 2022

Although the Mistlands biome is still a ways off

‘Halo Infinite’ glitch unofficially brings split screen co-op to the campaign

One, two, Chiefs in the new Halo, that’s what I said now

New ‘Ghostbusters’ video game in the works according to Ernie Hudson

“When they’ll bring it out, I don’t know, but it’s definitely happening”