Will Nelson

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ has an ‘AFK bouncers’ cheating problem in Japan

Players are bouncing in place whilst AFK to gain in-game currency

Tidus from ‘Final Fantasy 10’ was almost a plumber

Name one other video game plumber in overalls, we’ll wait

‘Pokémon Unite’ update will buff Charizard, among other changes

It looks like the English and Japanese patch notes even list different details

Survival game ‘Icarus’, from the developer of ‘DayZ’, has been delayed

A series of beta weekends will lead up to release

Pro NFL player not pleased with his ‘Madden 22’ rating

"That’s just crazy to me. But that’s just motivation"

California has an ongoing lawsuit with Riot Games as well as Activision Blizzard

Riot Games is facing multiple cases of legal action

The James Bond Aston Martin is coming to ‘Rocket League’

It's a lot cheaper than the real thing

Football club Wolves partners with US esports company Evil Geniuses

The club will provide Evil Geniuses with local training facilities in China