Your New Year’s Eve 2020 party playlist: songs for a self-isolated shimmy

We finally made it to the end of the year. We might not be able to raise a glass to 2021 in the way we want – or deserve – to, but we can still have some fun

As bad years go, 2020 really has taken the crown. It came out swinging with an unprecedented global pandemic and treated us to more and more lockdowns, mutant strains and incompetent governments. It’s been one we’d all love to forget or – better yet – never have to go through again.

While we might not be able to celebrate 2020 finally ending in the way we’d like or deserve, thanks to self-isolation, but we shouldn’t condemn ourselves to yet another night of boredom inside the same four walls or – worse – Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. We’ve all become incredibly adept at making our own fun over the last nine months and we can still salvage something from this NYE with some good music and good friends, even if we can only see them on Zoom.

NME can help out with at least one part of your night, which is why we’ve made this banging, nearly four-hour playlist of absolute crackers that will go some way to making your kitchen feel like you’re hitting the dancefloor. There are some of the best songs from this dreadful year on there (please make the most of your last time to attempt the ‘WAP’ dance in 2020), recent bangers and a wealth of bonafide classic anthems that you’d definitely be hearing at indie clubs across the country if we were allowed out.


Our pandemic NYE might not be ideal, but there are some silver linings if you look hard enough. No big queues in the freezing cold outside the venue you’ve already paid a small fortune to get into. No mistiming your trip to the bar to get your midnight beverage and ending up air cheersing with the strangers around you. No trying to run between parties, getting held up and ringing in 2021 racing down the street in a failed attempt to make it to your next stop by the countdown.

So get the ambience in your home just right, pour yourself a drink, whack on our playlist above and let’s all hope we’re seeing in 2022 in better circumstances. Happy New Year!

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