Watch Never Not Nothing play ‘Ritual Destruction’ and ‘Upbeat Deadbeat’ for NME Home Sessions

For this week’s NME Home Sessions we’re joined by Never Not Nothing. Performing from home, the synth-punks blast through recent singles including the genre-splicing ‘Upbeat Deadbeat’, which fuses ferocious industrial-noise psych-laced melodies.

The band have explained that ‘Upbeat Deadbeat’ “grew from this idea of an ‘Existential Price List’. A literal absurdist depiction of their being a cost to your every action as a living entity: be it an environmental cost, personal cost, or a societal cost. We may be more aware than ever of the impact our actions have on our surroundings.”

“This kind of led us on to the fun thought that some future Darwinian thinker could coin the phrase ‘Survival of the Nicest’ – as if we are living in the emergence of a new human evolutionary era. It felt important to then juxtapose this with a brutally honest depiction of my personal battle with a dark, dour and tormented predisposition towards loss and disaster.”


You can watch Never Not Nothing’s full performance of ‘Upbeat Deadbeat’ alongside ‘Ritual Destruction’ above.

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