Yungblud: his best cover versions, from Drake to Oasis

Dominic Harrison knows his way around an inventive rendition of a well-loved tune, and has well and truly mastered the ancient art of the mash-up, too

Yungblud loves a cover. He’s perfected the art of stamping his own footprint on another artist’s song and totally transforming them to make it his own. From Drake and Arctic Monkeys to Oasis and Dua Lipa, he’s given them all a Yungblud facelift, whether that’s by adding killer pop-punk instrumentals or vocoded vocals or mashing them up with something totally unexpected. Let’s take a look back at some of Dominic Harrison’s best ever covers, shall we?

Drake and Arctic Monkeys – ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know?’

Why it’s so good: this mash up of Drake and Arctic Monkeys really shouldn’t work, but with a little bit Yungblud magic it’s turned into a menacing, slow burning match made in heaven. Growing from an eerie and quiet beginning and eventually culminating in a roaring final chorus, it’s a masterclass in the ancient of the mash-up.


Best bit: Not content with only combining ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know’, midway way through he adds a few bars of late rapper Lil Peep’s ‘Falling Down’.

Oasis – ‘Champagne Supernova’

Why it’s so good: For this one Yungblud teamed up with pal Machine Gun Kelly via the power of the internet, the result a stripped back version of the Oasis classic as part of MGK’s Lockdown Sessions. With both artists singing from what looks like their bathrooms, and a sparse accompaniment of acoustic guitar and a big ol’ grand piano, it’s a poignant rendition of the Britpop anthem.

Best bit: Dom singing the opening line of “How many special people change? / How many lives are living strange?”. It’ll give you goosebumps.

 Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello – ‘New Rules’ and ‘Havana’

Why it’s so good: What if Camila Cabello’s chart-storming hit was reimagined as a pop punk banger? This Yungblud cover does just that – and he even throws in a bit of Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ for good measure.


Best bit: When the drums first kick in – it’ll make you wish you were in a sweaty mosh-pit ready to chuck a pint.

The Who – ‘My Generation’

Why’s it so good? One from a couple of years ago, this roaring cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’ was an early indicator of the huge star Yungblud was set to become.

Best bit: The seamless key change midway through – never has a keychange sounded so cool.

The Rolling Stones – ‘Wild Horses’

Why’s it so good? Because he well and truly puts his own stamp on a stone-cold classic, making it his own with a fragile acoustic approch.

Best bit: the ethereal vocoded introduction.

The Weeknd – ‘Blinding Lights’

Why’s it so good? The Weeknd’s synth-pop hit gets a total facelift here. Gone are the glittering electronics, in its place is stonking pop rock instrumentals combined with smoky vocals.

Best bit: When the instrumentals cut out and the layered vocals are placed front and centre – before they kick in again.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Amy Winehouse and Travis Scott – ‘Señorita’, ‘Back to Black’, ‘Goosebumps’

Why it’s so good? Yungblud loves a mash-up, but this one could be his greatest. Performing in the Radio 1 live lounge last year joined by a full band and strings, here he fuses the three songs together, totally transforming them. Opening with 2019’s unofficial song of the summer ‘Señorita’, he then adds in elements of Amy Winehouse’s legendary tune, before bringing Travis Scott into the mix for the bridge.

Best bit(s): The moments of ‘Back to Black’ interspersed throughout.

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