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CL opens up about why she wanted to reunite 2NE1 at Coachella

“I hope those emotions you felt through us in the past are revived again”

Minzy reveals 2NE1 began discussing reunion plans on CL’s birthday

The singer also added that she was “worried” about whether fans would still remember the group

Sunmi says she’s been “fighting mental illness for a long time”

“I was afraid to express the raw feelings I experienced”

Sunmi says touring with the Jonas Brothers as Wonder Girls felt “very lonely”

“Everything was very unfamiliar at that moment”

Sunmi faces backlash over newly launched NFTs

“We plan to show Sunmi’s colourful sides as a singer and producer” through the project, said her label

BamBam on his friendship with Red Velvet’s Seulgi: “We’ve become besties”

The pair had collaborated on the GOT7 member’s recent single ‘Who Are You’

BamBam says ‘Slow Mo’ was an unreleased GOT7 song that “didn’t go so well”

"I rearranged and released it [as my own] because I liked this one"

Sunmi reunites with Wonder Girls’ Sunye to perform ‘Gashina’ together live

Sunye performed 'Farewell Under The Sun' with J.Y. Park