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‘New World’ devs put character transfers on hold to fix gold duping bug

The server transfer function for New World has been temporarily put on hold as an exploit has been discovered that can duplicate gold in...

‘New World’ patch notes share server transfer news, fixes invincibility bug

The New World patch fixes an invincibility bug, adds the final framework for server transfers, and more

Amazon Game Studios wants to know top 20 issues in ‘New World’

Players are being asked what could be improved in the game

‘New World’ gold farmers and bots to have game keys revoked

"We are taking steps to revoke thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt gameplay"

‘New World’ goes down for maintenance to implement patch 1.0.2

New World is down for five hours of maintenance

‘Elder Scrolls Online’ dev says competition from ‘New World’ is a good thing

"The second you feel like you don't have to compete and continue to improve your product is the second that things start to go downhill"

Amazon backtracks on ‘New World’ region swapping

New World will not support region swapping after all