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EVGA to replace all RTX 3090s fried by ‘New World’ closed beta issues

EVGA are even sending out replacement GPUs without waiting for the faulty ones to be sent and tested

PSA: ‘New World’ Closed Beta could fry your RTX 3090

The issue may be linked to memory overheating when playing with uncapped frame rates

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The long-anticipated MMO from Amazon Games launches on August 31

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Amazon announces MMOARPG ‘Lost Ark’ is coming to North America and Europe

The mega-popular RPG is getting an English translation

Amazon and Tencent cancel planned ‘Lord of the Rings’ MMO

The game would have let players explore Middle-Earth before the events of the books

Amazon Games’ new AAA studio opens in Montreal

They've given a few details about their first project

Amazon’s ‘New World’ MMO has been delayed again

This is the game’s second delay to date