‘New World’ streamer banned for openly boss farming and seemingly macroing

Amazon has said that chain spawning mobs is not allowed in the game

‘New World’ disables “all forms” of wealth transfers to combat gold exploit

This includes sending currency, the guild treasury, and player to player trading

‘New World’ “is not client authoritative” but server based says Amazon

"Clients dispatch controller inputs to the server, and the server then checks that input for limits that might invalidate it"

Most ‘New World’ perks are broken, according to Reddit users

Amazon Game Studios have some explaining to do

Amazon’s Christoph Hartman admits company did “exactly the wrong thing” with ‘Crucible’

"Don’t go and do what everyone else does because everyone else went for battle royale shooters"

‘New World’ terms and conditions offer game servers to Martians

Wonder what queue times on Mars will be like?