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‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ update may be disruptive for modders

"Back up your executable now, and disable updates in Steam"

Obsidian turned down another publisher before Microsoft

"You have to want to get a beer with them"

Trivium’s Matt Heafy has finally written music for a game – and this is just the beginning

Matt Heafy has taken over Twitch, but he’s not content with dominating just one side of the games business; he wants in on development, too.

‘Starfield’ will have almost three ‘Skyrim’s worth of dialogue

With over 150,000 lines of dialogue, the game has its sights set on "large scale goals and storytelling"

Microsoft is sending the star of ‘Deathloop’ a PS5 so he can play the game

The voice of Colt Vahn will get to play Deathloop soon

‘Deathloop’ theme song covered by multiple artists to celebrate launch

Madison Beer, Steve Aoki and Future have each covered the theme song