Blizzard Entertainment

‘Overwatch 2’ will transcribe voice chats to minimise “disruptive behaviour”

Players will see a notification warning that voice chat “may be recorded”

‘Diablo 4’ will offer players freedom from the main story

"Our story allows for non-linearity, but there is a story"

‘Diablo Immortal’ players “insulted” with server bug compensation

Blizzard is encouraging players to reform their clans themselves

‘Diablo 4’ reportedly set to arrive in April 2023

Test footage from the forthcoming game appeared to leak back in September

‘Overwatch 2’ Halloween event kicks off to mixed reception

The event's monetisation has been met with criticism

Graphic ‘Overwatch 2’ custom lobbies reveal problems with moderation

There are multiple “NSFW” and “18+” custom lobbies in-game

‘Overwatch 2’ Halloween event will bring new skins and PvE mode

Sojourn, Kiriko and Junker Queen will get spooky-themed Halloween skins