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‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ unleashes the power of love in latest update

The Valentine’s Day update introduces a variant map and new hero props

‘Goat Simulator 3’ review: goat theft auto

An open-world sandbox designed for kidding around

‘Goat Simulator 3’ comes to ‘Fortnite’ with a “half goat/half human” outfit

"Her arrival in this new world meant giving her a 'Fortnite' twist, and muscles"

‘Goat Simulator 3’ launches in November on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

A new "Pre-udder" trailer was released alongside the announcement

‘Goat Simulator 3’ gets a surprise reveal at Summer Game Fest

Yes, the studio skipped number two

A new ‘Satisfactory’ video teases signals and massive train crashes

New options for rail efficiency

‘Satisfactory’ Update 5 experimental branch release announced

Update 5 is coming to experimental next month

‘Satisfactory’ lets you build unparalleled accomplishment

Look on these works, ye mighty, and repair

‘Satisfactory’ update 5 will improve vehicle automation

Truck stations get a buff