12 new leaders and 6 reworked figureheads are coming to ‘Civilization 6’

Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth I and Cleopatra are on the way

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ will later add Deadpool, Venom and more

The game will receive four post-launch DLC packs in 2023 each featuring a new hero

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ will release this December after series of delays

Prequel Shorts was also announced and is a set of five videos providing character backstory

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ trailer shows Scarlet Witch in action

The magic wielder has a number of devastating area of effect attacks

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ has been delayed again

It's planned to launch before March 2023

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ showcases Doctor Strange’s support abilities

The support abilities of Doctor Strange seem essential for victory

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ reveals Spider-Man in web-slinging action

Peter Parker gets a dark new costume for his fight against the supernatural

‘XCOM 3’ still happening at Firaxis despite ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’

"These things that 'XCOM 3' aren’t necessarily about that we can do with this IP are incredibly exciting"