Full Circle

‘Skate’ confirms Steam release and console playtests

Still no release date for the reboot though

‘Skate’ is a free-to-play “authentic evolution” of the franchise

It will be supported by microtransactions but those won’t offer "gameplay-altering advantages”

How to watch EA’s The Board Room presentation on ‘Skate’

As it stands, players don't know when the game will release or what it's called

‘Skate 4’ is “launching soon” and will support user-generated content

Fans have been calling for a sequel for years

‘Skate’ team tease “a little something” ahead of EA Play Live

"Our number one goal is not to blow it."

EA reveals new studio Full Circle, the developer taking on the next ‘Skate’

The studio is led by the former head of Xbox Live and staffed by the creators of the original ‘Skate’ games