Infinity Ward

‘Call Of Duty Warzone’ DMZ’s Building 21 “locked down” after “significant infiltration”

The mysterious building launched last week as part of the Season 1 Reloaded update

‘Modern Warfare 2’ players hit with perma-bans due to Activision’s faulty anti-cheat software

“Bans can sometimes be raised by Activision for no reason,” confirmed Activision

Activision update LA Thieves ‘Call Of Duty’ skin after complaints

Some had called for refunds and accused Activision of "cheating" them into a purchase

The first ‘Warzone’ is back online – but with fewer maps

Several playlists, maps and the in-game store have been cut in 'Warzone Caldera'

Dr Disrespect earns ‘Warzone 2’ ban for in-game disrespect

He's since accused the community team of “making an example” out of him

‘Call Of Duty’ remixes national anthems for special World Cup event

You can hear a ‘Call Of Duty’ spin on ‘God Save The King’ now

First ‘Warzone 2’ patch pulls two items from Buy Stations

The patch also fixes a bug that was killing players instantly