‘PUBG’ creator says new project ‘Artemis’ will feature blockchain and NFTs

'Artemis' will feature a metaverse, though Greene doesn't "care what people want to call it"

‘PUBG Mobile’ cuts cheating in half with new anti-cheat system

"Cheating is completely unacceptable in 'PUBG Mobile', and this is yet another step towards stopping players from using deceitful and unfair technology"

The Taliban is banning ‘PUBG’ for “promoting violence”

The Taliban have criticised 'PUBG Mobile' for "promoting violence" amid a moral panic about the game's popularity

‘The Callisto Protocol’ has cut its links with the ‘PUBG’ universe and I’m gutted about it

What more could 'Callisto' have told us about 'PUBG''s weird, abandoned islands? Guess we'll never know

‘PUBG Mobile’ collaborating with ‘Dragon Ball’ next year

This is the next in a long line of collaborations for 'PUBG Mobile'

‘Subnautica’ studio to reveal turn-based title with “brand new sci-fi IP” at Gamescom

Unknown Worlds will also show off gameplay for the as-of-yet untitled project

‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ update 19.1 includes a new weapon and vehicle

The PC and console releases of the update will be staggered

‘PUBG’ studio creates website for fantasy game with Darth Maul designer

Krafton is adapting the Korean fantasy novel series, 'The Bird That Drinks Tears'