Two new ‘Genshin Impact’ characters have been revealed

Yun Jin and Shenhe have officially been confirmed

‘Genshin Impact’ developer miHoYo opens up new studio to make AAA title

The new studio is currently hiring for multiple roles

‘Genshin Impact’ will let fans make money from selling merch

'Genshin Impact' fans will have an easier time selling their own merchandise

‘Genshin Impact’ sets a time for the 2.3 reveal stream

The 'Genshin Impact' stream will reveal what's next for the game

‘Genshin Impact’ may have beaten ‘Fortnite’ for most profitable first year

Estimations combined with official statements suggest a winner

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‘Genshin Impact’ teases two new playable Geo characters

Arataki Itto and Gorou are the next playable Geo characters

‘Genshin Impact’ 2.2 launches next week as Aloy comes to other platforms

A new character, island, and even a rhythm game are coming

‘Genshin Impact’ developer responds to angry fans

miHoYo said that fan feedback is “really valuable”