Mojang Studios

‘Minecraft’ releases frogs for the first time

Take your frog to the moon and court ... oh wait wrong game

‘Minecraft’ announces a revamp to the outdoors with The Wild Update

The Wild Update will add frogs, new swamp biomes, and...fear?

‘Minecraft’ Java and Bedrock Edition are coming to Xbox Game Pass

Both editions of Minecraft join Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 2

New ‘Minecraft’ games reportedly in the works

Mojang is allegedly working on two “all new” projects

Those screaming ‘Minecraft’ goats were voiced by real goats

The idea was inspired by the viral video of screaming goats

‘Minecraft’ mods can give the game Pixar visuals but might melt your PC

Is it still 'Minecraft' without its blocky look though?

‘Minecraft”s virtual festival is returning this October

"In lieu of gifts, please send positive vibes so the power doesn’t go out"

Mojang Studios help ‘Make A Wish’ dream come true with a beefy ‘Minecraft’ cafe

The Make-A-Wish Foundation organised trip saw the architect become a game developer for the day

Minecraft Dungeons’ new DLC ‘Echoing Void’ and Ultimate Edition announced

The End does not mark the end of 'Minecraft Dungeons'