Korean remake of ‘Money Heist’ is the most-watched non-English Netflix series of the week

It is also the third most-watched show on the streaming platform overall

‘Into The Breach’ is coming to mobile with “major” Advanced Edition update

'Into The Breach: Advanced Edition' will make the turn-based roguelike available on mobile for the first time as a Netflix-exclusive

‘The Umbrella Academy’ season three review: superhero show remains bizarre, brilliant and heartfelt

Tackling themes of family, belonging and power, season three finds our heroes dealing with childhood trauma and the heartfelt weight of all they’ve lost

Is it finally okay to be excited by TV and movie adaptations of video games?

Now video games movies are attracting big stars and bigger budgets, it's never been a better time to be a movie-going gamer

Netflix K-drama ‘Sweet Home’ will return for a second and third season

The K-drama's second season will “include a new setting”

‘Lucky Luna’ is a new original Netflix Games platformer with no jump button

The title is based on the Japanese tale of the bamboo cutter

Devolver Digital is bringing three titles to Netflix Games

‘Poinpy’ from the creator of ‘Downwell’ is available now

‘Spiritfarer’ and ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’ are coming to Netflix Games

Both games will be available to play on mobile for the first time

Netflix announces ‘Shadow And Bone: Destinies’ narrative RPG

"In this game you play as your favourite characters and journey across the world of the Grishaverse in a narrative adventure to fulfil your destinies"

‘The Queen’s Gambit Chess’ is a new game coming to Netflix

Players can challenge others online it chess games in locations from the show