New Blood Interactive

HEALTH debut new single ‘HATEFUL’ through first-person shooter ‘Ultrakill’

The noise rock band previously told NME their fans are "96 per cent gamers"

‘Chop Goblins’ is a “bite-sized” FPS from the creator of ‘Dusk’

The shooter is inspired by the 1984 film 'Gremlins'

‘Rise of the Triad’ is getting a remaster next year

“It’s some kind of miracle to see a game Apogee made in the mid-’90s finding new life a generation later, in its best form yet."

First-person stealth game ‘Gloomwood’ sneaks into Early Access

New Blood Interactive’s latest has crept onto Steam

‘A Clockwork Orange’’s Malcolm McDowell announces ‘Gloomwood’ delay

“It's only a few short weeks. For God's sake, you can wait until then”

Stealth horror-shooter ‘Gloomwood’ has a release date

First-person stealth-horror 'Gloomwood' will release into early access on August 16 after being revealed two years ago

Retro FPS ‘Ultrakill’ becomes one of the top-rated Steam games of all time

"Mankind is dead. Blood is fuel. Our hearts are full."