‘Dave the Diver’ studio’s zombie game begins testing next week

The title is scheduled for 2024

‘Dave The Diver’ studio is working on an ‘Escape From Tarkov’-style zombie survival game

Zombies are invincible and can only be "disabled just for a brief moment"

Nexon aims to shut down ‘Dark And Darker’ with new lawsuit

Nexon alleges two former employees stole "source code, audiovisual, and other materials" before founding Ironmace

‘Dark And Darker’ pulled from Steam as developer denies theft

Ironmace has been accused of stealing assets and ideas from Nexon

‘Dark And Darker’ developer’s office searched by police over allegations of code theft

A developer at Ironmace has claimed "nothing was found"

‘Dark And Darker’ developer denies it stole assets and code in making of action-RPG

"As far as we know you cannot copyright a game genre"

‘Veiled Experts’ preview: a moving experience

'Veiled Experts' is a solid battle royale that may struggle to distinguish itself in a crowded genre

A ‘Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’ game is on its way from Nexon

"PvE Multiplayer RPG Virtual World" is its genre

‘Project Magnum’ is an ‘Outriders’-style looter shooter with a cool grapple

The new third-person shooter comes from Korean publisher Nexon and is a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy.