Paradox Interactive

‘Hearts of Iron IV’ DLC No Step Back is coming next month

The Soviet-themed update is coming November 23

Paradox staff allege suffering from harassment and “culture of silence”

"There is actual harassment at Paradox that people are denying, because they don't believe it's harassment"

Paradox Interactive cancels “several unannounced games”

Paradox expects an impact of £11.3million

‘Europa Universalis IV’ is next weeks free Epic Games Store title

Take your nation to glory or ruin for free next week.

Royal Court DLC for ‘Crusader Kings 3’ will let players formally beg for help

If you ask nicely, your liege might just help you out

‘Victoria 3’ developers defend inclusion of slavery

“What statement would we be making if we simply wrote all enslaved individuals out of history?”

Reinstated Paradox CEO apologises for “inappropriate behaviour” in 2018

"I sincerely regret making a person in my proximity uncomfortable and for the damage this caused"