‘PUBG’ teases a spooky Halloween Fantasy Battle Royale event

Things are getting spooky around Erangel

Transform into a Premier League footballer and score goals in ‘PUBG’

Top scorers become Premier League player “Sonny” Heung-Min Son

Latest ‘PUBG’ update adds favourite mechanics from other battle royale games

Features include the Self AED, Comeback Arena, and skittish wildlife

‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ bots get nerfed in new patch

No more laser-accurate full-auto bursts from AI.

‘PUBG Mobile’ has reportedly earned over US$5billion in revenue

An analysis firm claims US$2.7billion in revenue was generated in 2020 alone

‘PUBG Mobile’ has crossed 1billion downloads worldwide

A new gameplay mode featuring Godzilla and King Kong has also been announced

Ailee releases ‘Believe’ for fourth anniversary of ‘PUBG’

The song will also be the theme song of the ‘PUBG’ Global Invitational.S 2021