Riot Games

Riot Games delays ‘League Of Legends’ patch due to social engineering attack

‘Teamfight Tactics’ has also been affected by the security breach

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The music video celebrates an on-and-off fandom with LEC star Rekkles

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Riot Games says controversial ‘League of Legends’ cinematic “missed the mark”

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‘League of Legends’ teases 2 new champions and reveals sweeping ranked changes

One upcoming champion will be a Darkin assassin with a simple kit, while the other will be a fire-wielding enchanter

Bungie hires former ‘Valorant’ game director Joe Ziegler

Ziegler joins Bungie after 12 years at Riot Games

Riot Games brings catalogue to Game Pass with extra rewards for users

'Valorant', 'League of Legends' and more titles have joined the service

Red Bull Home Ground is a glimpse into a thriving ‘Valorant’ esports scene

A fiery 'Valorant' tournament in Manchester proved the game's growing esport scene is one to watch

Riot Games sues NetEase for alleged ‘Valorant’ similarities in ‘Hyper Front’

“All of our creative choices are mirrored in NetEase’s game,” Riot Games lawyer Dan Nabe shared