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Kai changes his identity in music video for ‘Rover’

His third mini-album of the same name is out now

Here’s when tickets to NCT Dream’s Singapore concert go on sale

The boyband will also perform in the Philippines, Malaysia and Macau

HYBE to discontinue acquisition of SM Entertainment after discussion with Kakao

South Korean internet giant Kakao is now poised to become the majority shareholder in K-pop label SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and aespa to perform at ‘K-Verse’ concert in Manila

Ticketing details for the concert will be released this week

SM Entertainment releases statement in support of Kakao’s tender offer

SM says Kakao's tender offer for a 35 per cent stake would "ensure autonomous and independent management of the company"

Onew reveals he heard new single ‘O (Circle)’ before his previous record ‘Dice’ came out

The singer shared that he felt the song was “too strong” to release at the time

Kakao makes bid to become SM Entertainment’s largest shareholder, fending off HYBE

After HYBE’s tender offer leaves it with a 15 per cent share in SM, internet giant Kakao announced its aim to acquire up to 35 per cent of the K-pop agency

EXO-SC to tour Singapore, Manila and Kuala Lumpur this year

The duo will visit the cities in May as part of their 'Back To Back' fancon tour

SHINee’s Onew unveils pensive ‘O (Circle)’ music video

His debut studio record 'Circle' is out now