Amazon responds after ‘Lost Ark’ players were banned for not playing the game

Innocent players were caught in a mass bot ban

Some ‘Lost Ark’ skins are being redesigned to “better fit western norms”

The Artist class will have a new set of clothes when she releases in the western version of the game

Sony announces ‘Dark Pictures’ VR game and 10 more PSVR2 titles

Sony has announced new titles from Supermassive, TinyBuild, Smilegate and more

‘Lost Ark’’s first endgame Legion Raid launches this month

Alongside a brand new "relic" gear rarity

‘Lost Ark’ roadmap reveals two new classes coming in April and May

The Glaivier is coming in April, while May gets the Destroyer

‘Lost Ark’ update brings fixes to PvP and the Battle Item Bundle

The update went live yesterday (March 31)

Asmongold says ‘New World’ “will get better” with future updates

This is despite being overshadowed by Amazon's latest MMO, ‘Lost Ark’

Amazon Games would “consider” a ‘Lost Ark’ console version

The developer thinks there's an opportunity to make 'Lost Ark' a major player

‘Lost Ark’ is restricting new Steam accounts with bot prevention system

If you haven’t spent money on Steam, you’ll have a “limited” account

Amazon Games says it “made a mistake” releasing the ‘Lost Ark’ March update

The team has explained how it will address the scarcity of tier-three honing materials