Square Enix

Unannounced ‘Final Fantasy’ spin-off reportedly helmed by ‘Nioh’ developer

The game is allegedly called ‘Final Fantasy Origin’

Square Enix reportedly to reveal PS5-exclusive ‘Final Fantasy’ game at E3

Alongside a forthcoming “cross-gen Eidos title”

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ director responds to player tributes to Berserk creator

"It goes to show just how much people have received from Mr. Miura and his artwork"

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ players pay tribute to Berserk creator Kentaro Miura

Hundreds of players are paying tribute to the late manga artist

Square Enix describes ‘Outriders’ as its “next major franchise”

The newly released game already has 3.5million unique players, the developer claims

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ will launch on the PlayStation 5 next week

The next-gen version will feature 4K and DualSense haptic feedback support

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ composer Masayoshi Soken reveals cancer battle

The composer continued writing music for the 'Shadowbringers' expansion while undergoing chemotherapy treatment

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ second new job revealed as Reaper

Fans have speculated what the next job could be

‘Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker’ gets extended trailer, Male Viera and more

Fans have requested a Male Viera playable race since Shadowbringers launched in 2019