Striking Distance Studios

Developers claim they’ve been deliberately omitted from the credits of ‘The Callisto Protocol’

“Somebody wanted to send a message, and the message was, ‘Next time have a bit more loyalty’”

‘The Callisto Protocol’ now lets you skip its gruesome death animations

A new update allows players to skip the game's death animations, and makes some general combat improvements

‘The Callisto Protocol’ patch fixes stuttering issues on PC

Strriking Distance Studios founder Glen Schofield described the bug as a "freaking error [caused] by someone rushing"

‘The Callisto Protocol’ launches to “mostly negative” Steam reviews due to performance woes

"The very first cutscene I was getting constant frame drops and [it] only got worse from there"

‘The Callisto Protocol’ developer says DLC death animations are not cut content

“We haven’t even started work on this content yet," said the developer

‘The Callisto Protocol’ cancelled in Japan as developer refuses to cut violent content

Outside of Japan, 'The Callisto Protocol' will release on December 2

‘The Callisto Protocol’ preview: deadish space

Horror games about burly men trying to survive horriific situations in space are like busses, it seems