Team17’s soulslike ‘Thymesia’ gets free demo and August release date

OverBorder Studio is using the 'Thymesia' demo to get feedback from fans

How to watch the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase livestream

The show will take a look at over 40 games and will feature several world premieres

Team17 CEO promises “action” following accusations of poor working conditions

"I won't brush over anything that was said or ignore any of the points being made. It will all be thoroughly investigated"

Team17 staff speak out against studio conditions following ‘Worms’ NFT controversy

Employees have described long hours, low salaries, HR failures, and more.

NFT ‘Worms’ project cancelled after community and developer backlash

Team17's “MetaWorms” NFT was announced at the start of the week

Team17 studios speak out against ‘Worms’ NFT plans

Team17 is going under, overcooked, and up the greak without a paddle

Team17 acquires ‘Hell Let Loose’ IP for £46 million

"We firmly believe Hell Let Loose can become the definitive large-scale team-based military simulation."

‘Ready Or Not’ dev splits with publisher Team17

The announcement came just hours after a developer said 'Ready Or Not' will have a school shooting level

‘Neon Abyss’ is today’s free game on the Epic Games Store

The next daily free game is available now, but only for 24 hours