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Jeon Somi on the creation of ‘XOXO’: “Fuck it, I just did it”

The singer also spoke about how she wants to be remembered as “the crazy, badass girl in Korea”

Jeon Somi – ‘XOXO’ review: an anti-climactic debut album that fails to flesh out her identity

Despite her immense musical talent and years of hard work, the singer’s debut record does little to solidify her pop star status – though it’s largely not her fault

Jeon Somi says she “poured everything” into debut studio album ‘XOXO’

“I’m relieved to think that my fans can hear these songs”

Jeon Somi is out for revenge in new ‘XOXO’ teaser

Her first full-length album arrives this Friday

Somi is set to release her first full-length album ‘XOXO’ later this month

The record will be released at "the end of this month"

Somi’s latest single ‘Dumb Dumb’ is a frustrating comeback that lacks originality and spark

The former I.O.I member’s third release in two years feels like a serious squandering of her potential