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‘Project Zomboid’ mods transform survival sim into ‘The Last Of Us’

One mod adds Runners, Clickers, Stalkers and Bloaters for players to contend with

Trying to play ‘Project Zomboid’ as myself was a mistake

There's a good reason you don't see many asthmatic characters in 'The Walking Dead'

‘Project Zomboid’’s “very big” Build 42 update will introduce basements

“It will provide a lot more replayability to the game map, which is otherwise completely static at the moment”

‘Project Zomboid’ to expand the map “on all sides” with Build 42

Build 42 will also include the game's first set of animals, extra TV channels, and more

‘Project Zomboid’ Build 42 to focus on “extended survival” with animals and crafting revamp

The next major update will bring chickens, better crafting, and "the most realistic bleach-drinking ever seen in gaming"

‘Project Zomboid’ studio explains how branching narratives work for NPCs

The Indie Stone plans to have a huge range of events for NPCs

‘Project Zomboid’ developer shares an early look at farmyard animals

The Indie Stone has explained how tending to animals in 'Project Zomboid' will work

‘Project Zomboid’ studio shares what first NPC update will include

NPCs will be introduced with "a wide, but perhaps shallower" system, but the specifics may change before release

‘Project Zomboid’ developer outlines ‘Crusader Kings’-style NPC generation

"And thus the pot has been stirred to start the evolution of the world from an NPC perspective"

‘Project Zomboid’ starts testing 100-player servers

There's also a long list of other changes being tested