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Pokémon card prices skyrocket during the pandemic, study shows

One card's value increased by 1775 per cent

‘Pokémon GO’ announces March start date for ‘Season Of Legends’

Featuring legendaries Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus

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The streamer ended the Kanto region tour on a high note

Scalpers are ruining McDonald’s 25th Pokémon anniversary

McDonald’s is already running out of the limited-edition Happy Meal

Pokémon World Championships 2021 cancelled, will return next year

An “expanded celebration of ‘Pokémon’ competition” will take place in London next year

The Pokémon Gengar portable bed is the stuff of nightmares

P-Bandai has created a Gengar cushion from Pokémon, allowing owners to roll out its tongue and use it as a pillow. READ MORE: Pokémon Isle...

Uri Geller allows Nintendo to print Kadabra on ‘Pokémon’ Cards after 20 years

The illusionist sued Nintendo for his likeness back in 2000