Turtle Rock Studios

‘Back 4 Blood’ developer might be moving on to a sequel

Turtle Rock Studios revealed it was working on something new in January

‘Back 4 Blood’ won’t receive any more updates as Turtle Rock begins work on next game

“It’s time for us to put our heads down, get back in the lab, and get to work on the next big thing”

‘Back 4 Blood: Children Of The Worm’ trailer reveals Prophet Dan in action

'Children Of The Worm' releases today

‘Back 4 Blood’ DLC to introduce Wolverine claw weapon and more

Children of the Worm launches later this month

‘Back 4 Blood’ hiring spree will fuel new “stories, characters, and content”

Turtle Rock Studios is committed to working on 'Back 4 Blood' for some time to come

‘Evolve: Stage 2’ is back from the dead as peer-to-peer servers come back online

Fans no longer need to only enjoy the game offline

‘Back 4 Blood’ adds Act 5 in next expansion

A release date has yet to be confirmed

‘Back 4 Blood’ players can now use a full card deck across all difficulties

Full Deck Draw has been rolled out to all difficulties, along with more updates in the recent patch

‘Back 4 Blood’ trailer reveals gory new content in ‘Tunnels of Terror’ expansion

The first expansion for 'Back 4 Blood' will add a dangerous new area along with more characters, enemies and weapons

‘Back 4 Blood’ announces ‘Tunnels Of Terror’ expansion

It will feature new co-op activity Ridden Hives