‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ devs hit out at industry-wide lay offs

“In the long run, building a community is going to make you the most money”

Pokimane calls out rise of “bigotry” on Twitch after leaving the platform

"Twitch's priority is making money. My priority is making a cool, safe environment and community for many, many, many people”

Twitch CEO claims the streaming platform “isn’t profitable” following huge layoffs

"We need to make sure Twitch is the right size so that we can be here for a very long time”

Twitch rolls back new nude art rules over AI concerns

“We went too far”

OpenAI’s new boss claims “majority” of CEO tasks can be automated

The Twitch co-founder said “we will see management get widely automated" before taking on the new role

Promoting ‘CS:GO’ gambling is prohibited on Twitch now

Esports clubs like G2 Esports might be impacted

Twitch streamer creates a playable Link for viewers to play ‘Zelda’ songs with

"Just let me have fun with this for a day"

Streamer outrage forces Twitch to drop planned changes to branded ad rules

The streaming service admitted it "missed the mark" with its guidelines

StreamElements announces recipients of Creator Diversity Program 2023

"Our aim is to provide that extra boost given how much adversity there is in this industry"

Twitch’s new CEO announces “just over” 400 layoffs

"User and revenue growth has not kept pace with our expectations"