Warner Bros. Games

‘Gotham Knights’ features “entirely redesigned” combat system for co-op

“The mechanics won't feel totally alien for people who played and enjoyed the 'Arkham' series”

‘Back 4 Blood’: Here’s what to expect from the upcoming closed alpha

The game features an AI system that will "constantly adjust to player action"

‘Back 4 Blood’ is a ‘Left 4 Dead’ spiritual successor arriving next year

The creators of ‘Left 4 Dead’ are helming the project

Modder discovers hidden secret within ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

The game’s creator teased the secret earlier this week

Megan Thee Stallion joins ‘Mortal Kombat’ ad campaign as Mileena

The rapper dressed as the cannibal assassin on her Instagram for the reveal

November’s PlayStation Plus games include ‘Bugsnax’, ‘Hollow Knight’

The full list of titles available in The PlayStation Plus Collection has also been announced

Warner Bros. Games announces ‘Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate’

The game will also be coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles

WB Games on J.K. Rowling: “She has the right to hold her opinions”

“She’s a private citizen and that means she’s entitled to express her personal opinion,” says company president

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is an open-world ‘Harry Potter’ game coming in 2021

The story is set to take place years before the events of ‘Harry Potter’