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ZeniMax CEO Robert A. Altman has died, age 73

"A sad moment for the games industry"

Phil Spencer says Bethesda will double Xbox’s RPG and FPS capability

“I just think they’re going to be an incredible addition to to our studios”

Microsoft says it won’t stop Bethesda from releasing games on rival consoles

However, Xbox systems will likely receive preferential treatment

Microsoft can’t plan Bethesda’s future yet, says Xbox chief

The company must wait until the deal officially closes

Bethesda sabotaged the launch of ‘Rune II’, Ragnarok Game claims

The publisher is seeking damages of at least US$100million

Microsoft will “let Bethesda be”, says Bethesda founder

“My understanding is that Microsoft respects Bethesda’s 34 years of proven ability”

Xbox head teases Bethesda’s “future roadmap”: “It’s an incredibly exciting time”

He also spoke about why the acquisition was the "natural next step”

Xbox head on ZeniMax and Bethesda: “Our plan is to leave it alone”

“Our goal is to make ZeniMax the best ZeniMax they can be”