Watch Balming Tiger perform ‘LOOP?’, ‘JUST FUN!’ and ‘CHROMEHEARTSRING’ with Lil Cherry for NME Home Sessions

The Seoul-based music collective let us into their sonic world

For this week’s NME Home Sessions we’re joined by the rising Seoul-based collective Balming Tiger, a self-proclaimed “multi-national alternative K-pop band” who have set their sights on going global with their arresting sound and style.

Performing against a bright backdrop and amid a set filled with intriguing artistic installations, Balming Tiger give us a taste of their eclectic sonic world – including the blending of fierce rapping over harsh Kanye-style beats with cooing, melodic vocals which float across airy instrumentals – through engaging performances of their February 2021 songs ‘LOOP?’ and ‘JUST FUN!’.

Balming Tiger rapper Omega Sapien then takes the reins to close out the three-song set as he is joined by special guest Lil Cherry for a rendition of their recent breezy joint single ‘CHROMEHEARTSRING’.


You can watch Balming Tiger’s full NME Home Sessions performance above.

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