Indie games you should check out this week: September 21-27

Looking for a new game to play? Here are the top indie releases you should check out this week

The games continue to roll in this week as we find ourselves yet again neck-deep in new titles to play. Sure, the constant slew of new games can be a little intimidating and learning them can be tiring, but when the games are as good as this, you’ve just got to power through.

This week’s selections feature three titles that are worth your attention, each vastly different from the other. Whether you’re in the market for an inspiring story, cute graphics, or a good old dungeon crawler , we’ve got you covered.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them.



The story of Arthur and his quest for the throne has been told for centuries. It’s a classic hero’s journey: a boy plucks a sword from a stone, or gets given it by a lady in a lake, and then gets hench, and then rules a country. You know, the standard.. Lord knows we’ve had enough TV shows inspired by this particular bit of mythology.

But instead of retelling the tales we’ve all heard plenty of times before, Pendragon is about the Round Table having to fight to try and save King Arthur. It’s set in 673 AD after the fall of Camelot. The first thing you’ll notice is the almost painted glass-like appearance of the game: The use of a bold colour palette gives the game a truly striking visual flair.

Plot-wise, you’ll have to fight through tactical battles to progress the plot. Each decision will be essential to not just your survival, but also how the story will play out. This gives players various narratives to explore,, a reason to keep diving back into the game to see how things could’ve played out differently.

Pendragon is out now on PC.

The Girl Of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale

Here’s another very pretty game: The Girl Of Glass is a simple point-and-click adventure that follows its main protagonist Kristal as she solves mysteries and uncover secrets about her mystical universe. Alongside that, you’ll also have to battle against enemies using the turn-based combat systems.

The game feels as though two genres have been smushed together, but it surprisingly works quite well. The story plays out like a visual novel, with each character containing plenty of depth and each decision leading you closer and closer to a final showdown. Throw in the puzzles and the battles, and you’ve got a game that caters to everyone.

Of course, it helps that it is, once again, a very beautiful game. Graphics aren’t everything, but it’s a joy when games are easy on the eyes. Plus, it’s got a lovely soundtrack too.


The Girl Of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale now available on PC.

Going Under

Unfortunately, this game has nothing to do with the Evanescence song, but you can still play it in a frayed wedding dress or with black makeup streaming down your face if you want to – we won’t judge you at all. Promise!

Instead, Going Under is a dungeon crawler that explores the ruins of failed tech startups. Set in a dystopian future,, you play as an unpaid intern who has to fight their way through monsters and cursed, abandoned workplaces in order to gain exposure and experience. . Despite its weird setup, the game is actually fun. The combat looks interesting and the ability to thwack a demon with a keyboard is something that very few games can match.

Going Under arrives September 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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