Eleven must-watch K-dramas to look forward to in June 2022

Including the Korean remake of ‘Money Heist’ and the second season of ‘Yumi’s Cells’

The K-drama world has been on fire so far in 2022, and June looks to continue the onslaught of must-watch shows. This month will see the premiere of Netflix’s Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, the long-awaited South Korean remake of Money Heist starring Squid Game’s Park Hae-soo. There’s also the much-anticipated second season of sleeper hit Yumi’s Cells.

June 2022 will also see the return of controversy-plagued actress Seo ye-ji, who will lead the revenge-themed K-drama Eve on tvN. Other small screen comebacks expected this month include NU’EST member Hwang Min-hyun in historical-fantasy series Alchemy Of Souls and Girls’ Generation member Seohyun in the romantic comedy Jinxed At First.

Without further ado, here are the eleven new must-watch K-dramas to check out in June 2022.

Alchemy Of Souls


Alchemy Of Souls is set in the fictional kingdom of Daeho, which appears to be loosely based on Korea’s Joseon era. The series revolves around a group of nobles and warriors, whose fates become intertwined because of Hwanhonsool, a supernatural phenomenon involving the returned souls of the dead.

The K-drama series stars Jung So-min as Mu-deok, an attendant to Lee Jae-wook’s Jang Wook, a troublemaker from the noble Jang family. While physically frail, Mu-deok secretly harbours the soul of Nak-soo, a powerful assassin, and begins training Jang Wook. Joining them is NU’EST member Hwang Min-hyun, the heir of the noble Seo family.

Alchemy Of Souls will air every Friday and Sunday night on tvN starting from June 18, and will also be available on Netflix in selected regions.


Anna follows the story of a Yoo Mi (Bae Suzy), a woman who endangers her own life after a small lie leads her to live out someone else’s life. Starring alongside Bae are Jung Eun-chae (The King: Eternal Monarch), Kim Jun-han (Hospital Playlist) and Park Ye-young (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha).

The series will be helmed by director Lee Joo Young, best known for his work in films like On the Other Side of You and A Single Rider.


Anna will premiere on Coupang Play on June 24.

Cleaning Up

A remake of the 2019 British television drama of the same name, Cleaning Up revolves around a trio of cleaners who attempt to change their destinies after accidentally overhearing information on insider trading at the securities firm where they are employed.

Veteran actress Yum Jung-ah (SKY Castle) stars as Eo Yong-mi, a cleaner and sole breadwinner of her family. She is later revealed to be deep in debt, as money lenders harass her at her home. Rounding out the trio are Ahn In-kyung (played by Jun So-min) and Meng Soon-ja (Kim Jae-hwa), with whom Yong-mi seems to have a complicated relationship.

Cleaning Up will air every Saturday and Sunday night on JTBC starting from June 4.


Described as a fatal revenge tale, Eve centres on a 13-year-old scheme aimed at taking down South Korea’s top wealth percentile. Seo Ye-ji stars as Lee Ra-el, a woman described as a “dangerous flower” with a disarming charm to disguise her craftiness, a skill she picked up after the untimely death of her father at a young age.

Eve explores the inner workings of a public divorce lawsuit worth ₩2trillion involving several members of a large family-owned business conglomerate that shocks the nation. Lee is the woman at the centre of the lawsuit, which arose from her desire to take down Kang Yoon-kyum (Park Byung-eun), the CEO of megacorporation LY Group and a main culprit in the tragedy that befell her family.

Eve will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on tvN starting from June 1, and will also be available on Viu in selected regions.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Park Eun-bin (The King’s Affection) stars as Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘s titular character Woo Young-woo, a brilliant young lawyer with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The lawyer soon forms a meaningful connection with colleague Lee Jun-ho, played by Kang Tae-oh (Run On), which opens new and unfamiliar feelings for Woo as the duo work to solve different cases.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo will air every Wednesday on ENA starting from June 29, and will also be available on Netflix in selected regions.


Insider follows Kim Yo-han (Kang Ha-neul), a judicial trainee who finds himself in the middle of a crisis after he somehow gets roped into going undercover at a local prison, as part of an investigation into a corrupt prosecutor. However, he gets tricked into remaining at the prison and begins plotting his revenge as a result.

The new suspense-filled action thriller K-drama was helmed by Missing: The Other Side director Min Yeon-hong, and was penned by Priest writer Moon Man-sae. Aside from Kang, other actors starring in Insider include Queen: Love And War actress Lee Yoo-young and Heo Sung-tae of Squid Game and The Silent Sea fame.

Insider will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on JTBC starting from June 8.


In Link, Yeo Jin-goo (Hotel Del Luna) stars as executive chef Eun Gye-hoon, while Moon Ga-young (True Beauty) plays Noh Da-hyun, a probationary employee at a Western restaurant. A supernatural phenomenon links the pair, and Gye-hoon begins to feel Da-hyun’s every emotion as she goes about her daily life.

The K-drama is helmed by director and producer No Sang-hoon, who previously worked on dramas like When The Camellia Blooms, Girls’ Generation 1979 and Hello Monster. Joining him is screenwriter Kwon Ki-yong, who last worked on 2017’s law romantic-comedy Suspicious Partner.

Link will air every Monday and Tuesday night on tvN starting from June 6, and will also be available on Disney+ in selected regions.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is the South Korean remake of Spanish heist crime drama Money Heist. It stars Yoo Ji-tae as the Professor, who attempts to pull off a heist of massive proportions along with his crew.

The remake also notably stars Park Hae-soo, known for his role as Squid Game‘s Cho Sang-woo, as Berlin, the Professor’s right-hand man and enforcer of the criminals. All episodes are directed by Kim Hong-sun, who previously helmed acclaimed K-dramas such as The Guest, Voice and Black.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will premiere on Netflix on June 24.

Jinxed At First

Jinxed At First follows a fish vendor named Gong Soo-kwang (Mystic Pop-Up Bar’s Na In-woo), who is seemingly saddled with perpetual bad luck. This is until he crosses paths with Lee Seul-bi (Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun), a curious woman with the ability to see the future of anybody she touches.

The series is helmed by director Yoon Sang-ho, who previously worked on River Where The Moon Rises in 2021 and King Maker: The Change Of Destiny the year before that. Jinxed At First also stars Lee Ho-jung, Choi Jung-woo and more.

The Jinx’s Lover will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on KBS2 starting from June 15, and will also be available on iQIYI in selected regions.

Why Her?

Why Her? will follow cunning lawyer Oh Soo-jae (Dr. Romantic’s Seo Hyun-jin), who has grown to be cold-hearted and self-righteous after dedicating her life to pursuing career success. Meanwhile, Gong-chan (The Sound Of Magic’s Hwang In-youp) is a law student who possesses a level of empathy despite his painful past.

The K-drama begins to unfold upon Gong-chan’s fateful encounter with Soo-jae, who at that point has been kicked out of her position as an affiliated professor at his law school due to an unforeseen incident. Why Her? includes a supporting cast that features Snowdrop’s Heo Jun-ho, Jirisan’s Ji Seung-hyun and more.

Why Her? will air every Friday and Saturday night on SBS starting from June 3.

Yumi’s Cells (Season 2)

Based on the web comic of the same name, Yumi’s Cells tells the story of an office worker named Yumi (Kim Go-eun) from her brain cells’ point of view. Last season detailed her brain cells’ attempts to revive her love cells, which had fallen into a coma after a failed relationship, through her connection with game developer Go Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun).

Meanwhile, the second season focuses on Yumi’s blossoming relationship with her co-worker, Yoo Ba-bi (Jinyoung), as she mends her heart after breaking up with Go Woong.

Yumi’s Cells (Season 2) will premiere on South Korean streaming service TVING on June 10.