Migos’ 10 best songs – ever!

As they release hugely anticipated new album 'Culture III', we reflect on the trio's story so far – with a list that's bang up to date with their bangers

Atlanta has been pushing the boundaries on what rap is, and when it comes to trap music, the multi-Platinum selling trio Migos have been flying the flag high. The biggest rap group out of the ATL since the Grammy award-winning duo Outkast, Migos have been proving that when it comes to rap groups, they can do just as much damage as any other solo star. But without having to shock the world with gimmicks or just really great bars, the trap icons have designed the laidback rap sound of today.

Jumping onto the rap scene in 2013 with their debut knockout single ‘Versace’ – which isn’t even included here because that’s how good they are –the group haven’t let their foot up off of the necks of the rap world and now have an extensive catalogue of viral tunes. With  the third and final instalment of their ‘Culture’ album series, ‘Culture III’, out now, let’s look back at some of the group’s best tunes ever – and yes, we’ve thrown in some solo and featured tracks too.

‘Stir Fry’ (2018)


The fun second single from the trio’s 2018 instalment ‘Culture II’ is a fun, high-energy club track. It was produced by half of the infamous producer power duo The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams, and there’s no doubt that the disco synths and heavy 808s are as enthralling as the rest of his catalogue. Paired with the infectious triplet flow of the world’s biggest rap group, ‘Stir Fry’ is definitely one of the best demonstrations of the energy and cadence the world loves.

Who had the best line? Quavo

What did they say? “She got a big ol’ onion booty – make the world cry”

Takeoff, ‘Bless Em’ feat. Travis Scott (2019)

The glockenspiel rings out from this groovy melody, making us want to dance to the track forever and ever. Seeing the youngest of the trio stand tall alongside their long-time mate Travis Scott, ‘Bless Em’ is an underrated gem. It’s truly a feel-good anthem to shake your shoulder to for three minutes; the two southern rappers glide beautifully on this beat.

Who had the best line? Takeoff


What did they say? “We ride like the service secret, n***as’ mob tellin’ / The reason if the breakfast seasoned but it not digestin’”

Pop Smoke, ‘Shake the Room’ feat. Quavo (2020)

‘Shake The Room’ isn’t strictly a Migos tune – we know! But you can’t deny that this is one of the best tracks from a Migos member. Collaborating with the late Carnarsie star, the head huncho skates over a Brooklyn-style drill beat with the once-rap-newcomer Pop Smoke. Given that he’s a guy from the Dirty South – which has created rap sub-genres such as trap, bounce, and more – it’s thrilling to see Quavo appreciate the East’s grittier sound and infuse it with his hard man trap delivery. It’s the perfect concoction for a club playlist once we’re they’re open again.

Who had the best line? Quavo

What did they say? “Peel back ya toupee (peel it back) / Money move the conversate”

Niykee Heaton feat. Migos ‘Bad Intentions (Remix)’ (2016)

The trio dabbled in R&B once, too. On the Illinois internet star-turned-singer Niykee Heaton’s breakthrough tune, Migos show off their computerised croons to tell a tale of love they’ve never told before. Back when this song was popular, many fans would simply skip to the trio’s verses because there was something refreshing about hearing trap stars veer away their usual salacious tones to actually talk about love in a more romantic way. Overall, ‘Bad Intentions’ shows the group’s emotional versatility, and we’re here for it.

Who had the best line? Quavo

What did they say? “Is you the one I can talk to? / Is you the one I can call boo?”

‘Time For Me’ (2021)

With the third and final instalment of their popular album series ‘Culture’ is out now, it seems like Migos really wanted to test their versatility on their fourth studio album. And although there are some clear hits this album, ‘Time For Me’ is definitely an undercover favourite. If you’re able to brave through the long tracklist (it’ll keep you entertained – promise!), then you’ll find this gem at the end. Quavo shows off his singing abilities on the chorus, and then Offset and Takeoff pepper in some boastful reflection on their come-up. Overall, the track could give any modern R&B star a run for their money.
What had the best bar? Offset
What did they say? “Two Tommy’s, they get to spinnin’, til’ they feel lazy / Twinkle, twinkle, yellow diamonds like I uriniated”

‘Dab of Ranch’ (2017)

This is where we saw the team’s comedic side shine. Making a promotional tune for their very own flavour of Rap Snack brand of crisps, the bunch boast that “with a dab of ranch, we can make it happen”. Whether they mean ranch as slang for diamonds or are straight-up praising their favourite condiment hence why it was the flavour of the crisps, it’s one of their catchiest pick-me-ups ever.

Who had the best line? Takeoff

What did they say? “Customers, customers lined up / I heard that you hungry and you make your mind up / Don’t grab a Snickers and go get a bag of ’em”

‘Kelly Price’ feat. Travis Scott (2017)

Produced by the integral trap pioneer Zaytoven, with whom they have collaborated  numerous times on their second studio album, ‘Kelly Price’ harnesses the gothic trap sound that was popular in 2017. With chiming xylophone notes, accompanied by low vibrating bass, the trio’s fizzing pair-up with Travis creates a hypnotic atmosphere with its almost binaural beats. The result is the best track from first ‘Culture’ album.

Who had the best line? Takeoff

What did they say? “Two piece chicken wing without the fries / If I pop the seal and drink it, you gon’ drive”

‘Fight Night’ (2014)

Now considered a trap classic and in a similar vein to their debut single ‘Versace’ – which everyone remembers because of Drake’s opening lyric on the remix “Versace, Versace / Medusa head on me like I’m illuminati” – ‘Fight Night’ was the first track on which the trio perfected their signature flow. The song they released beforehand still sound electric due to their braggadocio and signature autotune, but their punchlines all fall seamlessly into place on ‘Fight Night’, one of the greatest trap tunes of the 2010s.

Who had the best line? Takeoff

What did they say? “If you know me know this ain’t my feng shui / Certified everywhere, ain’t gotta print my resume”

‘Hannah Montana’ (2013)

‘Hannah Montana’, hailing from the ‘Versace’ and ‘Fight Night’ era, has one of the best trap hooks ever. Screaming “Hannah Montana!” is somehow incredibly freeing and although the song’s classic trap sound – with dinging bells and escalating synths – may leave it sonically in 2013, the power of this club hit lives on today.

Who had the best line? Takeoff

What did they say? “They poppin’ ’em like they some Skittles, two bitches one me, Malcolm in the middle”

‘Need It’ feat. NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again (2020)

‘Need It’ is what today’s lyricism looks like: slick flows and witty one-liners. Dripping with braggadocio and true trap cadence, it sees the trio – especially Offset – showcase their rapping evolution, using every trick in the box. The triplet flow, as the quartet go back and forth with each other, speedy deliveries and nostalgic sampling of NY’s finest 50 Cent’s ‘Get In My Car’ add up to trap magic. A melody that will live in your head forever, ‘Need It’ shows us that the Migos will never fall off as long as they keep evolving into the rap shapeshifters they are today.

Who had the best line? Offset

What did they say? “Shootin’ that Glock give me pain in my joints / We shoot a 50-round drum, honey bun”